Coming up this Afternoon: 3/23 Schedule

Here’s our schedule for this afternoon’s (3/23) ASAP session!  (As always, schedule subject to change.)

Commercial Uses of Seaweed and How to Sell It

3:30-3:50 Snack time and review diorama

Label diorama of kelp long line, watch video of rig installation if there’s time

3:50-4:30 Make seaweed commercials

Review uses of seaweed.  Give each group a product and they have to come up with a commercial for it.


  • Treatment for cuts and burns (Ancient Romans used seaweed for this.)
  • Fertilizer (On gardens and farms.)
  • Vitamins (High iodine, calcium, and vitamin C content.  Some species high in protein.  Nori has 1.5 the amount of vitamin C of oranges.  1 dried gram of seaweed has more than the recommended daily amount of iodine.)
  • Ice cream (Keeps it smooth and creamy by preventing ice crystals from forming on it.  And it makes ice cream melt more slowly.)
  • Make-up/lotion/bath salts (Beneficial effects on skin.  Not backed up by research but common in traditional medicine in many cultures.)
  • Biofuel (Cheap and easy to grow.  Does not detract from food sources.  But not very efficient right now.  Research ongoing to improve efficiency.)
  • As food: nori in sushi, dried and eaten like potato chips, in smoothies


4:30-4:45 Photo journal (have each group explain their product/commercial)

4:45-5:00 Play time


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