Kelp 101 and Our Life-Size Rig

On the first day of the Long Island After-School Aquaculture Program (ASAP) we learned some basic information about seaweed aquaculture and put together a life-size aquaculture rig in the multi-purpose room.  At the end of the day, the kids reviewed pictures from ASAP and wrote the following photo journal entry.  Enjoy!


We brainstormed everything we know about aquaculture and kelp.



We watched a video about seaweed (  We learned that kelp is used for treating burns, healing cuts, and to make fertilizer, toothpaste, make-up, and food (like whipped cream!).
download      download (1)     images.jpeg


We played a game to learn who likes to eat seafood, who has been fishing, who has eaten seaweed, and who thinks growing seaweed would be fun.

download (2).jpeg


We wrote down what kelp needs to grow.  We drew a picture of how we are going to grow seaweed at Ponce’s Landing.  We talked about how seaweed grows.




We went to the multi-purpose room and looked at the equipment that we will use in our aquaculture rig, like rope and a pulley.



We learned how pulleys work.



We tied up a kelp line, secured it to the “pilings,” put on a buoy to mark our “site,” added a pulley, and tied on a tagline.






Here’s the finished product!



We got to take turns pulling the tagline in order to raise the kelp out of the “water.”



Finally, we pretended to be seaweed growing on our long line and did our best kelp impressions!


IMG_3510 3.JPG


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